About Us

Personalized Approach

My name is Dexter Tillery and I am the founder and owner/operator of 7T7 Custom Woodworking. I have been practicing woodworking as a hobby for over forty years. In 2005, my family and I turned my dream into a reality by starting 7T7 Custom Woodwork. I personally complete each project that comes through the doors of 7T7.

Excellence and Professionalism 

From designing and building we will be with you every step of the way. We use the finest materials from Amarillo Hardwoods. Whether you want pine, walnut, cherry, or an exotic wood such as Tigerwood or teak we can get what you need

Bonded and Insured

7T7 Custom Woodwork is fully bonded and insured. By working with 7T7 you can put all of your worries and fears to rest. If we agree to a job we guarantee it will be completed to the mutually agreed upon terms.